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 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.
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 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

Chengdaye Cultivation Method

Regardless of whether I am at home or in the company, I must give respect and peace;
The ninja can't bear it, the pedestrian can't do it;
Don't give up, don't give up;
The care of others, the beauty of adults;
Sit in and think about yourselves, and gossip about it;
From early morning to early evening, from early morning to early morning, stay and lie down, dress and eat, stop at one place, do nothing;
Filial piety and respect for teachers, loyal duty, uninterrupted, grateful, treat others with sincerity;
To blame yourself, to forgive yourself;
Only look good, not bad
Despite the progress, I always feel that my self-cultivation is very shallow, and I don’t praise it;
Seeing that everyone is a teacher, and that I am a student, if you can cultivate yourself, you will become a great cause!

Hairui Vision: To be an influential company in China's plant extraction industry!
Hairui Mission: Committed to the professionalization, sustainability, and internationalization of China's plant extraction industry, and striving for the life of the Chinese plant extraction industry to the world stage!
Hairui Values: Team First, Customer First, Responsible and Responsible, Grateful to Society

 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.
 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

Top Ten Cultures of Hairui

1. Teamwork
2. No excuses for work
3. Work for the mission
4. Lead by example
5. Stick to your post

6. Result-oriented
7. The spirit of factual data
8. More than ten times the value for money
9. Fire-like enthusiasm
10. Never give up

Hairui Eight Honors and Eight Shames

Take pride in honesty and trustworthiness, and shame in seeing benefits and forgetting righteousness;
Take pride in conscientiousness and shame;
Take pride in accomplishing results and shame in perfunctory things;
Take pride in taking responsibility and be ashamed to shirk responsibility;
Take pride in open sharing and shame in selfishness;
Proud of unity and friendship, ashamed of intrigue;
Take pride in gratitude and gratitude, and shame in ungratefulness.

 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.


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 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

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