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 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.



 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

Network joining conditions

1. Distribution requirements: Integrity management of Taobao, Paipai, JD.com, Alibaba, iPurchase and other major network platforms are all available.
2. Distributor requirements: Have a certain understanding of online sales and be able to independently complete the construction and operation of online stores.
3. Must strictly abide by the Jiangxi Hairui Natural Co., Ltd. network minimum sales price system and activity specifications, and agree to and abide by the distribution management rules
4. Maintain more than 6 hours of online sales per day.

 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

Network joining notice

1. No agency fee: the agency does not need any fees and gives corresponding support
2. One delivery: the company can provide a delivery service, you can place an order directly on the company's website, and then contact customer service
3. Product pictures: 100% physical pictures and detail pages are available
4. Support recommendation: Agents can recommend hot selling products to the company. The company conducts research and, once adopted, the company will directly invest in design and production, giving priority to recommenders for shelf sales


Joining requirements

 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

1. An individual or legal entity with experience in retail management, a full understanding of the local market and familiarity with the local essential oil industry;
2. Identify Hai Rui's business philosophy and management model, as well as the brand positioning, brand value, and operation mode; have a strong enterprising spirit, have a certain experience and background, and maintain a wholehearted investment in the management of franchise stores. Receive continuous improvement training;
3. Love the essential oil industry, have a brand awareness, have the willingness to share hardships with the company, honor and shame, go hand in hand, and long-term cooperation; be able to strictly abide by the chain store operating regulations and professional ethics, abide by the franchise agreement, recognize the franchise store management system; have continuous experience and Willingness to develop business;
4. The location of the store has been evaluated and approved by the company
5. Purchasing rights are completely unified (stores can not be privately picked, once found, cancel joining)
6. Unified Information System
7. Uniform VI image
8. All products in cash

Precautions for joining online and offline

1. Quality assurance: direct sales from manufacturers, product quality assurance, and inspection reports can be provided.
2. During the authorization period, do not sell at low prices or chase goods at random prices, otherwise the company has the right to stop supplying.
3. Low-price dumping and chaotic goods will cancel all franchise rights.
4. Fast shipping: Except for holidays, the company promises to ship within 48 hours, and will not ship on weekend breaks.
5. If there is no quality problem for the goods purchased by the dealer, no refund or replacement, please make your own sales plan.
6. Return instructions: Since the company does not have a postage policy, the agent will not return the goods at will if there is no quality or wrong goods. In addition, once the goods are shipped, they will not bear the shipping costs, other things depend on the situation.

 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

Joining process

 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

Telephone consultationa

 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

Factory negotiation


Signing intent


signing the contract


Store construction




Officially opened

Join Advisory Hotline:86-18807962688   

Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with you!


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 Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

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